Politek’s commertial life in the mold polished sector started at 1993 now continue with a strong steps. After many years we finally succeed  to increase the capacity of mold polishing. Impeccable  work by  following  all the  technological innovations in polishing sector was  aimed for us.  On the current stage, our company has reached this aim. We aware that technology, as well as trained personnel are the most important factor affecting the production so we care and give a  full weight to this issue. Trained personnel and technological  workplace  with European standards are running us to the  customer satisfaction as the main three cases which  have been on our agenda all the time.


To be a inseparable part of the production chain of renewing and developing world and our  country is our basic vision. We are  continuing our leadership in mold mold polishing sector by capturing the world standards, speed, quality and continuous development in response to the market needs in this area.


With 22 years of experience we introduce a technical support to our customers. Responding to the needs for mold manufacturing by furnish services,  identifying  the problem and to be next to each stage was  make up a principles for our personnel. Although Politek is a company engaged in mold polishing service at the same time we are a company producing solutions for encountered problems gain on our experience. Technical opportunities, our workplace established and technologically equipped according to European standards, close relationships established with our customers has brought us into a mold polishing sector as a  indispensable company. That is why for the essential requirement of our clients our company’s  technical service is available 24/7.


Manufacturer of any type of molds, plastic injection services providers pays attention to quality of own products. The quality of products is our basic principle and our R&D working on developing.


Our company’s philosophy is focused on the center of error-free correct  work and customer satisfaction. We try to reach this goal by following and transfer all new  technologies to our work. Our professional approach is a result of many years of experience and knowledge which became the distinguishing basic attribute of our company.


We must be the preference of European countries for polishing molds.

In this field, our goal is to follow existing technologies and capture them as a partner in providing the services for our valued customers for the reason of always being the part of solutions for our customers.

Our company was founded for our customers, to provide them with the high quality polishing services and we are keep going to do our job for our customer satisfaction.